Monday, August 31, 2020

I Was on Faculty at a Writer's Conference This Weekend and... I Didn't Even Attend?

I didn't miss it. It's just that the UCLA Extension Writers' Program YA Symposium, The Young and the Reckless: Writing For Teens was all pre-recorded.

The good news is you didn't miss it, either. The sessions, the panels, it's all online through September 5, 2020. Along with the amazing Karol Ruth Silverstein (who I'm proud to call my friend), I co-lead two breakout sessions, Checking Privilege at the Door


Creating the Complex Character.

I was also on a great panel discussion with Sherri L. Smith, Aminah Mae Safe, and Cindy Lin that was moderated by Nutschell Windsor.

It's not the same as being in person, but there are definitely some upsides. The conference is only $50 to attend, and is available not just one day, but over eight days, and virtually, which makes it more accessible. And this way, I can attend the sessions my fellow faculty members gave because I'm not busy doing my own!

So I miss hanging out, and checking out my fellow faculty's books in the conference bookstore, but I remind myself that there's a pandemic going on. And the fact that Charlie, Nutschell, Carrie, Ashley, Jennie, and the whole UCLA Extension Writer's Program team were able to pivot and still make this amazing event happen is pure awesomeness.

I'm very grateful to have been - to be - part of it.

So, if writing for teens is your jam, check it out.


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