Friday, November 27, 2020

Did you know Amazon's Ring gives over 1,600 Police Departments Access To Your Front-Door Footage, Putting Black Lives In Danger?

Going into Black Friday and the consumerism of the days ahead, Amazon's relationship to unjust power structures is important to know about.


Amazon’s Ring: Ring gives police backdoor access to your front-door footage. Over 1,600 police departments partner with Amazon Ring. Nearly half have a history of excessive force or police-involved civilian deaths. That’s over 10 million households helping Amazon digitize racist “Stop & Frisk” policies and powering more police violence against Black lives.

Neighbors, Amazon Ring’s reporting app, encourages people to spy on anyone passing by and label them as “suspicious,” which automates racial profiling. There is no evidence to support that Amazon Ring and the Neighbors app actually help reduce crime or maintain public safety. Meanwhile, they put Black lives in danger.

As the Break Up With Amazon website states:

As people across the country take to the streets demanding an end to police violence against Black communities, Amazon is quietly positioning itself to rake in the benefits of the next evolution of policing. Instead, Amazon should sincerely align itself with today’s Movement for Black Lives, which demands our cities to #DefundThePolice. The funding spent on policing, surveilling, and caging Black and brown communities hardest hit by the COVID19 pandemic should be reinvested back into housing, education, and other relief programs.

Important to know, and share, and raise our voices that this isn't okay.

Stay safe, all.

The light in me recognzies and acknowledges the light in you,

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