Monday, January 25, 2021

NO WAY, THEY WERE GAY? Is a Junior Library Guild Gold Standard Selection!


The cover of NO WAY, THEY WERE GAY? with the Junior Library Guild award sticker!

This news makes me ridiculously happy, and proud. 

Junior Library Guild is a BIG deal, and something librarians really respect. To have my nonfiction book for young readers chosen for Junior Library Guild means that librarians will instantly know NO WAY, THEY WERE GAY? Hidden Lives and Secret Loves has been vetted. That it has received one of the most important librarian stamps of approval. That it will be in hundreds and hundreds of libraries across the U.S.!

All of which means, NO WAY, THEY WERE GAY? will reach – and empower – so many more young readers.

I'm honored and delighted!

Oh, and if you can tell a librarian about NO WAY, THEY WERE GAY?, please do!

Thanks for sharing in this good news moment with me.

The light in me recognizes and acknowledges the light in you,
Stay safe,

P.S. You can preorder a signed copy that will be mailed to you from my amazing local bookstore, Pages: A Bookstore, here.

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